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Utility Plan Guidance

 Utility Plan PolicyUtility Plan Policy Document

Utility Plans serve as the foundation planning document for the NFRWQPA planning process. All division Permits, Notice of Authorizations, Site Applications, or Plan Amendments require a Utility Plan that has been approved in the last 10 years. Utility Plans older than ten (10) years warrant a full replacement plan to be submitted to the most recent Utility Plan Guidance document, policy requirements, and must follow the outline checklist format. 

A Utility Plan will need to be approved prior to (or in conjunction with for non-public entities) consideration of any of the following:

  • Site application (for new or expanded domestic treatment works, interceptors not eligible for certification, and lift stations)
  • Plan amendment request including service area boundary change
  • District formation and designation

The NFRWQPA has developed a Utility Plan Guidance document that provides important information on the requirements of a Utility Plan. This guidance document also includes a checklist that should be completed and submitted with the plan. This checklist helps to ensure that all required information has been included as well as directs the reviewer to the location of the information. Please see the link below for the policy and guidance document.

To meet the Utility Plan Guidance document's minimum requirements, all checklist items are required and must be included for a Utility Plan to be accepted for review and considered for approval. 

Entities wishing to submit a Utility Plan should contact the NFRWQPA office to submit electronic Adobe pdf files. Once a Utility Plan has been accepted by the association manager it will go through a committee review process. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the review process. The committee will review the plans for consistency with adopted policies and minimum plan requirements. These committee meetings are held as needed (no set schedule). Once the committee has completed the review process the Utility Plan will be placed on the regular NFRWQPA meeting agenda for consideration. The Committee will present their recommendation on the plan at the meeting.

Utility Plan Reviews

Due to ADA Accessibility requirements, please contact the office regarding Utility Plan reviews in process.