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Site Application Process

 Site Location and Design Application Policy

As per state statute “no person shall commence construction of any domestic wastewater treatment works or the enlargement of the capacity of an existing domestic wastewater treatment works unless the site location and the design for the construction or expansion have been approved by the Division.” Regulation No. 22 provides the specific provisions to implement the statutory requirements regarding site location and design approvals. This regulation can be found on the Water Quality Control Division’s website. In addition, Site Application Forms and the Guidance Document for Regulation No. 22 can also be found on this website. This guidance provides additional information for applicants in an effort to help them meet the requirements of Regulation No. 22. As part of this guidance document, checklists have been developed for use by the applicants to ensure that all required information is included in the submittal.

As part of the site application process, applicants are required to submit site applications to a number of review agencies including the 208 planning agencies. The NFRWQPA has developed a Site Location and Design Approval Review Policy (see link below) which establishes the process for how the Association will review and consider these applications. This policy also includes all the necessary information that should be submitted with each site application to the Association. For most site applications, an entity will be required to have an approved or conditionally approved Utility Plan in place prior to the consideration of a site application by the Association (please see Utility Plan Guidance page for additional information).

Entities wishing to have an application considered by the NFRWQPA should submit a complete packet for review by the Association. The packet should include all the necessary information as defined by Regulation No. 22 and the NFRWQPA Policy. One hard copy and one electronic copy of the complete packet are required. In addition, the applicants are also responsible for submitting the application to all other review agencies as outlined in the Regulation & NFRWQPA policy. Please contact the Association with any questions.