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208 Plan Amendment Process

Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Amendment Policy


All agencies submitting a 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan amendment (including a wastewater utility service area boundary change or update) is required to have a current (10-years or newer) utility plan, which has been approved by NFRWQPA before the plan amendment request, or in place of the amendment request. 

The Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (Regional Plan) adopted by the North Front Range Water Quality Planning Association (NFRWQPA) details the regional considerations for the protection of water quality. In so doing, it projects growth and development trends in the area and establishes a rational plan for accommodating growth. A plan objective is to avoid unacceptable adverse environmental impacts, which might be caused by allowing wastewater services to be provided through numerous entities for facilities in an uncoordinated fashion. The Regional Plan amendment process is designed to maintain flexibility in the plan so that unanticipated events can be accommodated when it is shown to be in the best interests of the region. These events include site approvals for new facilities and service area boundary changes. For site approvals, the Site Approval Application Review Process must be pursued in conjunction with the plan amendment process.

208 AWQMP Amendment Applications

NFRWQPA Plan Amendment-Consolidation of Treatment Operations & WUSAs.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-New Lift Station or Capacity Increase.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-New WWTF.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-Interceptors.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-New or Change Management Agency.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-Consolidation of Treatment Operations.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-Wastewater Utility Service Area Modification.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-WWTF Capacity Increase or Decrease.pdfNFRWQPA Plan Amendment-Population Change or Update.pdf